Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression systems sometimes harm – and even destroy – the very items they are intended to protect. Your intent with commercial fire protection is to prevent damage– not cause it. Clean agent fire suppression systems are an innovative approach to fire protection that protect the employees, assets, records, and equipment that are crucial to your Memphis-area business’s survival.

Fire Suppression System uses a mixture of dry chemicals or wet chemicals to extinguish equipment fire and it is commonly used in areas which have heavy power equipment. Our offered product can provide a quick response to increasing fire with a clean without any residue and no damage to equipment. Fire is detected through wiring, heat sensors, or even manual detection as per the system requirements. These systems are usually automatic but can be manually operates to activate the discharge of fire extinguishing chemicals. Because some material can react poorly to water or other gases, therefore in these cases, systems using chemicals are considered the best option. Features: Provides rapid on site protection against fire Safe and easy to use without any human intervention except activation Eliminates the source of fuel immediately Minimum damage to electronics in the room