Water Leak Detection System

Water Leak Detector System is an effective Environment Monitoring solution for problems associated with water leak in server, data and computer rooms. The ultra compact device with its intelligent sensor cables monitor, detect and communicate the presence of liquid via audio - visual alarms to the server administrators. Its user friendly software offers the technicians unsurpassed flexibility in navigation and damage control.

The critical problematic areas include:

  • Assets of Data Centre areas below the raised server racks.
  • Water leaks associated with air conditioners.
  • Blocked ventilation system around machines cause condensation.
  • Areas around pipe leaks.
  • Areas of the false ceilings.

The damages incurred could be:

  • Insulation breakdown due to soaked cables leading to signal breakdown and other malfunctions.
  • Premature hardware failure due to formation of rust.
  • Loss of critical data, backup tapes and equipments.
  • Loss of manpower time due to comprehension and rectification of unseen faults.

Control Panel:

  • The Controller has in built software to sense, receive and recognize the signals sent by the sensor cables.
  • In the event of any abnormal condition or malfunction it activates an alarm that has to be acknowledged physically and reset.
  • In built connectors are provided for interfacing the hooters and RS 485.
  • Has optional 2 to 8 zones (areas) adaptability.
  • Software for monitoring and report generation. Events logging.
  • It needs a power connection and comes equipped with a 3-pin power supply cord.


  • 4 x 20 LCD for displaying status of all water leakage sensors, Door status.
  • LED Display status for all zones.

Sensor Cables:

  • Reliably senses any conductive fluid.
  • Non conductive and abrasion resistant polymers increase the strength of the cables.
  • Pressure on the cables will not create any false alarm.
  • Detects fluid along the entire length.
  • Flexible and easy to maintain.


Control Panel with optional ( 2 to 8) zones :
Operating Voltage : 230V AC 50 Hz
Dimension : 305 x 225 x 85 mm.
Weight : 2.5 Kgs
Mounting : Wall
Sensor Cables:
Leader cable : 5 mts
Sensor Cable length : 10, 15, 20 and 25 mts.