Rodent Repellent System

Ultra NW Rodent Repeller is an electronic device that uses the principle of intense high frequency sound waves (well above the 20 KHz frequency which is the upper limit of the hearing range of the human ear) to drive away RODENTS. They emit intensive ultrasound that is audible and painful to rodents, but is inaudible and harmless to humans. The acoustically hostile environment created by the ultrasound makes it undesirable for the rodents to inhabit or cohabit and leads to avoidance behavior. Rodents usually leave the area being protected by ultrasound. They do not get killed.

Ultra NW Rodent Repeller system comprises of one Controller with accessories that include twelve transducers, 300 yards of cables and a pair of stand bracket. The Controller is installed in the main control room/ server room and the transducers in the problematic areas i.e. above and below false ceilings and below false floorings.

1. Controller:

The Controller generates variable high frequency electronic signals that are ultrasonic in nature (20 KHz to 50 KHz). The signals are transmitted to the transducers via cables for emission all around. It needs a power connection and comes equipped with a 3-pin power supply cord.

2. Transducers:

  • Each transducer can protect an open area of 300sq. ft. with an average ceiling height of 10 ft. But if installed in the false ceilings or false floorings, it will cover an approximate area of 150 sq. ft.
  • The whole system will accordingly cover an open area of approximately 3,600 sq. ft. and if installed in the false ceilings and the false floorings, the area covered will be considerably less.
  • Being monopolar in nature and with zero risk of sparking they can be installed in sensitive areas, low temperature areas of cold storage as well as high temperature areas in the false ceilings.
  • The transducers do not need a power connection.
  • The transducers can be tested on an audible range with the help of a self-testing facility.

3. Cables:

2 core flexible (14/40) SWG, specially coated CT cables of 300 yards for connecting the transducers with the Controller.

4. Mounting:

  • Powder coated Al. stand and bracket accessories for mounting the Controller
  • As compared to conventional methods STAR Ultra NW Rodent Repeller is clean, safe and easy to install without the added trouble of disposing of dead RODENTS.


Operating Frequency : Above 20 KHz  (variable)
Sound Output : 80 dB to 110 dB (at 1m)
Power Output : 250 mW per transducer
Power Consumption : 40 W approximately
Power Supply : 230 V AC 50 Hz
Dimensions 16” x 8” x 4”
Weight : 5.5 kgs (approx.)
Mounting : Wall / Table Mounting